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Stories on the Road of Struggle (2)

Stories on the Road of Struggle (2)

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-29
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(Summary description)

Stories on the Road of Struggle (2)

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-29
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The lost customer is back

I visited XX pig farm (200 sows) in Shijiazhuang, Hebei for the first time, introduced the company's hematopoietic products to them, and made customers recognize the concept of hematopoietic efficiency.

Subsequently, he did hemoglobin test on 8 pregnant sows on his farm, and found that all sows were severely anemia——the hemoglobin index was 62,58,79……. Immediately reserved 2 pieces of goods for the customer to use (the customer used the full price material, let him use a small spoon to feed 5 grams per head per day). Two months later, the blood was measured again, and the hemoglobin concentration reached 110, 118, 106…… and other indicators were also improved, such as: the birth process was shortened by about 35 minutes, the piglet was red, the uniformity was good, etc., The customer was very satisfied, and then ordered 2 more shipments.

However, after one month or two months passed, the customer did not continue to order the goods, so they called to inquire, and the customer said that the goods were still available. After continuing to follow up, the boss told me that there is a similar product from a manufacturer, which is cheaper than ours, and is using their product……

The customer was robbed, and I was in deep thought. In terms of price alone, the price of our product may be higher, but it is a genuine patented hematopoietic product. The effect and cost performance are absolutely excellent. We should not only pay attention to the price. , What should be paid attention to is the long-term stable effect, the input-output ratio……

More than 2 months later, my cell phone rang, and the owner of the pig farm on the phone said: "Give me two more items. Their products are really not good. The more you use them, the worse the effect will be. They will delay you. For more than half a year……, I don’t believe them anymore, I will use your three-line hematopoietic products! ”

—— Tan x Zhi


Good products will make sales easy!


In October 2007, I visited Boss Yao, a client of Xinyang. I was a little nervous at the time. I knew this client very well and was very conceited. I took the lead in the pig farm. I felt that the pig farming was very good, and the peers responded. It is difficult to deal with and cooperate with him.

After the meeting, I introduced Shengxuewang to my boss. I didn’t expect that boss Yao recognized the company’s hematopoiesis philosophy and said that his sows are indeed anemic. He was looking for products in this area, and then he started to cooperate with them. After one month, the feedback was satisfactory. During the meeting in Huangchuan, I helped introduce several customers who participated in the meeting, and I would tell these customers that the effect of Xuewang was good. I verified it by myself, and the introduced customers also ordered the goods. . Summary: Good products will make sales easy.

——Wei xsheng

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Guangzhou Suntheme’s hematopoietic product-Shenxuewang


Recognize the concept, recognize the person, recognize all products


Song is always a feed agent in a county in Henan, with some functional additives. By chance, an animal husbandry colleague pulled Mr. Song into the WeChat group of <Hematopoietic nutrition is an essential nutrient>. In this group, Dr. Liu Pingxiang, the world’s first person in hematopoietic nutrition, will post some ideas and knowledge about hematopoietic nutrition. Related content.

Since then, President Song will continue to pay attention to our group and dynamics. When the FW comes, Dr. Liu will also share the anti-fighting concepts and achievements in the WeChat group. The most important thing is an additive company that has never raised pigs. In less than a year, it has successfully re-bred twelve farms. The situation, video and important dry goods of anti-fighting are also in the group. Did a share. Mr Song started searching for three lines of information on the Internet and called us.

Started with Shierjian, which was a non-non-non-productive product, and then went to Sheng Xuewang. After using it, the customers were very satisfied. Afterwards, Mr. Song started to sell all products like Ding Ding, Weibuan, Duozikang, Youchang, etc. Mr. Song said, as long as your company has the products, I will make them all. I was also very happy to hear what Song said, but at the same time I felt the responsibility. I believe that with Song's approval and the company's support and cooperation, our hematopoietic and nutrition business will get better and better, and make some contributions to solving animal anemia. Thanks to Mr. Song for his approval and support.

——Liu xliang



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Congratulations to the driving force for successfully entering the selection layer!

At 9:30 on the morning of January 25, 2021, the new third board southern base of Guangzhou Lisheng Plaza rang the bell, marking the official landing of Guangdong Driving Force (stock code: 838275) on the selection floor. Driving Force was established in 2012 and was listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations in 2016. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on animal hematopoietic nutrition segmentation and a key leading enterprise in Guangdong Province. Today, the driving force has reached a new level in development, with public release and entry into the selection layer. At this historic moment, we witnessed this wonderful event together. The main guests include: Ms. Wang Ying, head of the South China Base of the National Equity Transfer System (NEEQ); Zhu Jin, Deputy Director, Capital Markets Division, Guangzhou Local Financial Supervision Bureau Mr. Wang Xuebin, Development and Reform Bureau of Baiyun District, Guangzhou; Professor Fu Weilong, a doctoral supervisor at South China Agricultural University; Professor Deng Jinping, a doctoral supervisor at South China Agricultural University; Dr. Shen Shuibao, Chairman of Guangxi Feed Industry Association; Yu Bin, a researcher from Shenzhen Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company; Professor Huang Shujian of Foshan University; Professor He Daohang of South China University of Technology; Mr. Wu Xiangyang, Dean of Guangdong Oriental Negotiation and Development Research Institute; Mr. Zhang Jianqun, Mr. Wu Changjun, Mr. Xu Feng, Ms. Yi Ni, Mr. Qin Yongsheng, Beijing Zhonglun Lawyer Mr. Zhang Xiaoyan from the firm; Ms. Zhu Juan, Mr. Chen Yong, and Ms. Wu Xiaohu from Dahua Certified Public Accountants; Mr. Deng Qinhu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou; Mr. Ding Bodong, Secretary General of the Guangdong New Third Board Company Association Leaders, industry experts and professors, intermediary agencies, partners, directors, shareholders and industry friends. The guest speech ceremony begins. The first is the guest speech session. The guests who will address the promotion ceremony include: Mr. Zhu Jin, Deputy Director of the Capital Market Division of Guangzhou Local Financial Supervision Bureau; Mr. Zhang Jianqun, Vice President of Huaan Securities Co., Ltd.; South China Agriculture University Doctoral Supervisor Professor Fu Weilong; New Third Board Market Expert and Driving Force Shareholder Mr. Zhu Weiyi; Guangdong Driving Force Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Chairman and General Manager Liu Pingxiang; National Equity Transfer Company Market Development Department (Investor Service Department ) Ms. Wang Ying, executive manager and head of the NEEQ South China Base. Ringing the treasure bell The next is an exciting moment: ringing the treasure bell to open the market, opening a new chapter in the selection layer. The guests who ringed the bell for the opening of the market were: Mr. Zhu Jin/Mr. Zhang Jianqun/Mr. Fu Weilong/Mr. Deng Jinping/Mr. Li Enqiang/Mr. Zhu Weiyi/Mr. Liu Pingxiang/Mr. Wang Yong/Ms. Liu Jinping/Ms. Shi Chunhua Give each other gifts to ring the bell End, the next step is to give gifts to each other. In order to witness this glorious moment, the National Equities Exchange and Quotations has specially prepared a beautiful glass horse for selected enterprises, which indicates that the selected enterprises will take the lead and succeed. At the same time, our company also prepared a golden bull as a publicity material, wishing the National Equities Exchanged Company the Year of the Ox to be bullish, and the cattle will turn the world. The two parties exchanged promotional materials and took a group photo before the gift So far, the promotion ceremony of the driving force selection layer has been successfully concluded. The driving force expresses its heartfelt thanks to friends and customers from all walks of life who have cared about and supported us all over the country. The successful promotion to the selection layer marks that Guangdong Driving Force's hematopoietic career has entered a brand new stage. With the development of intensive aquaculture, sub-health problems such as animal anemia will be normalized problems that need to be resolved. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the field of animal hematopoiesis, proposing three core theories of hematopoietic nutrition, and obtaining national invention patents, committed to solving the problem of animal anemia increase and immunity, and then solving the safety problems of animal food such as human meat, egg and milk. "Drive industry progress and help human health" is our mission. We will guard against arrogance and rashness, forge ahead, continue to deepen and expand in the subdivision of solving animal anemia, pay attention to animal health, and help human health. ●Guangzhou Sunthem Dating Zhuhai|The 6th China Swine Industry Summit Forum 2020 ●Guangzhou Sunthem’s recent awards are heavy... ●Mo

Academic Exchange Seminar between Chinese Academy of Sciences and Muyuan Group-Pig Amino Acid Nutrition and Immunity

On January 15, Dr. Liu Pingxiang, Chairman of Guangdong Driving Force, and Ms. Liu Jinping, CEO, participated in the academic exchange seminar between the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Muyuan Group—Porcine Amino Acid Nutrition and Immunity. At the meeting, the Indian academician gave an in-depth explanation on amino acid nutrition and immunization. The participating experts and business executives had a lively exchange and interaction on issues of concern to the industry. In addition, the participating experts also mentioned the importance of Guangdong's driving force of hematopoietic nutrition for immunity and its contribution to the industry. Summary: The exchanges and cooperation between scientific research giants and industrial giants in the industry have a positive effect on the industry and have a profound impact on the industrial transformation of scientific research and technological achievements.

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